(All of our meats are certified and approved as halal.)

Please, place your orders 48 hours before your event to allow prompt preparation and service. Delivery service is also available for a fee. Ask for special discount on large orders.

 Whole roasted lamb or goat 
Stuffed with herb basmati rice along with fixings, such as cheeses, olives, mini spinach and cheese pies, and vegetable buffs. Served with Greek salad and pita bread. 

 Roasted whole chicken
$12 (minimum of 5)
Marinated and roasted to perfection.

 Baked chicken quarters
$12 (minimum of 5 orders)
Marinated in herbs and spices. (8 pieces per order of dark and white meat chicken) 

Basmati herb rice
$24 (for 10 people). $38 (for 20 people)
Savory basmati herb rice made with herbs and saffron.

 Curry or garlic mixed vegetables
$ 24 (for 10 people). $38 (for 20 people)

 Chicken or gyro wraps.
$5 each. 
Includes lettuce, tomato, red onion, and topped with tzatziki sauce.

Grilled marinated chicken mini rolls.
$3 each. (Minimum of 10)
Includes lettuce, tomato, and white cheese in our special sauce.

 Kebobs (priced per skewer)
Beef or kofta

Lamb $3.99 

Fish Platter $30 (for 10 people) $50 (for 20 people). Salmon also available. Ask for pricing
5 oz tilapia filet baked in garlic, butter, and lemon juice

 Greek salad
$28 (for 10 people). $44 (for 20 people)
Classic Greek salad prepared with romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, kalamata olives, green peppers, topped with feta cheese and accompanied by Greek vinaigrette dressing.

Fruit platter
$26 (for 10 people). $ 40 (for 20 people)
Beautiful arrangement of fresh fruit. The platter includes freshly cut melons, grapes, strawberries, and pineapple.

Pita bread
$.99 each


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