Kitchen Made Simple is a prepped meal service that provides fresh, ready to eat meal packages. These meals are packaged in microwave safe containers, which make them ideal for busy schedule individuals, or those that would want to follow a healthy life style. Our heat and eat packages contain nutritious, well balanced savory meats and seafood, fresh vegetables, delicious nuts, cheeses, and more. All of our meals are prepped and cooked in commercial kitchen in a licensed and insured business that is regulated by Florida Hotels and Restaurants Department.

If you are interested in our new service, please leave us a message in our contact page and someone will be reaching out to you within 24 hours. This program will have a soft beginning on January 7 with limited number of customers. It is very important that you reach out to us earlier than the above date to be added to the list. More info and details are posted on the ordering page.

​Our meals can be picked up at our location, or delivered to you twice a week. Our service consists of five healthy and nutritious prepared meals per week. Each includes a main dish, fresh salad, and a side. Each Friday afternoon, we will post on our site the menu for the following week. The menu will list eight main dish options for you to choose five entrees from. ​Customers then make their selection, choose pick up or delivery to their desired location, and make a convenient online payment.

Our meals will be prepared twice a week. Two meals on Monday and three meals on Wednesday. You can either choose to pick up your meals, or have them delivered to you for a small fee of $2.99. You can choose where you want your food delivered, house, office, or gym. (Free delivery to local gyms in the area)

The cost for one week package is $54.95. That's a $10.99 per meal. This is a week by week program with no long term commitment. Place your order only for the week you choose.

Sample Menu:


Caesar salad, Caprese salad, Orange and spring mix, Greek salad, Pear & walnut salad, Mediterranean salad, Avocado salad, Asian salad with sesame & ginger dressing.

Main Dish

Chicken-lemon butter sauce, Beef stew, Crab cakes, Stuffed peppers, turkey meatball, Shrimp scampi, Dijon salmon, BBQ meatloaf.


Garlic mixed vegetables, Herb rice, Broccoli-cauliflower pure, Wholewheat penne, Garlic-lemon spinach, Rosemary sweet potato, mashed eggplant with roasted red peppers, Buttered baby carrots.

This Service will be available on January 2019

Kitchen Made Simple